​Hendry-Glades Bar Association

Welcome to the Hendry-Glades Bar Association

Current Members 


Hon. Scott Cupp, Hendry County Judge

Hon. Joseph Foster, Twentieth Circuit Judge

Hon. Zachary Gill, Lee County Judge

Hon. Jack Lundy, Glades County Judge

Hon. James Sloan, Twentieth Circuit Judge

Darrel Hill, Magistrate for Hendry and Glades Counties

Private Attorneys

​Melanie A. McGahee, McGahee & Perez, PL 

Antonio R. Perez, McGahee & Perez, PL 

Crystal Sands, McGahee & Perez, PL 

Michael Raheb, Law Offices Of Michael Raheb, P.A.

​Steven C. Spence, Steven C. Spence, PA

John J. Watkins, John Jay Watkins, PA

Jonathan Martin, Parvey & Frankel, Attorney, PA  

Antoinette Peck, Peck Law Office, PA 

Ralph Elver, Ralph Elver, PA

Leilani Martinez, Calvo & Calvo, PA

Maria Berrette, Berrette & Zuppke Attorneys at Law, LLC

Indera DeMine, Law Office of Indera DeMine

Steve Ramunni, Wilber Smith Law Firm

Marcy Shaw, Law Office of Marcy Shaw

Government Attorneys

Mark Lapp, Hendry County Attorney

Michael Anthony Pica, Office of the Statewide Prosecutor

Stephen Russell, State Attorney for the Twentieth Circuit

Kathleen Smith, Public Defender for the Twentieth Circuit

Amira Fox, Chief Assistant State Attorney

William Dorman, Assistant State Attorney

Sabsina Karimi, Assistant State Attorney

John Dommerich, Assistant State Attorney

Abraham Thornburg, Assistant State Attorney 

Kimberlee Mitton, Assistant State Attorney 

Jody Brown, Assistant State Attorney 

Cynthia Ross, Assistant State Attorney

Gary Rhodes, Assistant State Attorney

Mitchell Cooper, Assistant State Attorney

Laura Johnson, Assistant State Attorney

Luke Barnhill, Assistant Public Defender

Amanda Brown, Immigration and Customs Enforcement